Chipped Tile in the Bathroom

For my first blog post I thought it would be appropriate to interview my own mother! The text below is my mom writing about her experience of having a daughter leave for college and nights around the dinner table where we recalled previous houses/ memories we had experienced. (hence the title “Chipped Tile in the Bathroom”)



“Sitting at the dinner table talking about your daughter leaving for college.  Where did all of the time go?  If you could keep holding her hand…her small and soft hand.  If you could always hear her laugh and continually soak in that smile.  If you could always take care of her when she was sick, protect her , nurture her.  Hold her. Hold her. Hold her.  Do not let go.  It was a dinner of remembering old houses we lived in.  Places that felt like another life ago.  Places at the time I was wanted to “move forward.” What I would give to know now that it is not about the forward movement but the present moment.  We all remembered the creaky steps to the bedroom, the chipped tile in the bathroom, and the dolphin painted on the old fashioned bath tub.  All the slightest imperfections that made it all perfect.  It is funny how the small moments are the ones that become the important moments.


What will your life look like when she is gone.  What will your new routine look like.  What will your new moments look like?  Will there be silence…emptiness?  Perhaps joy beneath the sadness.  The joy that she is continuing her path of discovery and wonder.  She is evolving her YOU… She is discovering more than the present “you” but the possibility of “you”  and the beauty that she is like no other in the world.  Unique, kind, graceful, bright, beautiful, funny…  She is a gift to share.  Sitting at the dinner table, I felt gratitude for today and that a dinner can turn into a moment and the gratitude for being a MOTHER.”

My mother and I



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