Married at 18, Mother at 19

Welcome to blog post number 2! The mother I interviewed this week decided to remain anonymous but I got approval to share a bit of her background. Currently she is 66 years old and has one daughter who is 46 years old. She has two “precious” granddaughters in high school and has been married for 48 years. I asked her a few simple questions about her experience of being a mother. If you are interested continue reading!


“We were married very young, we married at 18 and we had our daughter at 19. With that there were hardships, but there were so many more pleasures. The biggest thing about being married so young, and having a child so young, is the fact that money was nothing. Everything was exciting. Everything was an adventure. Everything was brand new. You’re married, you’re living in the basement of somebody’s house, and you think it is absolutely wonderful. It’s the first place you live together in the same town you grew up in and met in third grade. It’s wonderful.”


“When my daughter was born, I started working as a waitress, and at that point my husband was still going to school and working on jobs. I would work mornings and he would work nights. We did that for years, and years, and years. The whole time my daughter was growing up. It was a lot of fun. It was fun growing up together. My husband and I were so young, and my daughter was a baby and growing up, we always say, “We all grew up together.” We all experienced new things together.”


What was it like balancing a social life and being a mother at the same time?

“Our social life became our neighbors. Wherever we went, we had our daughter with us. That’s the way it was. It was the three of us, and everybody knew that.If we are going somewhere, the three of us are going. We would grab her and go. She really grew up that way. “


Do you ever feel as though you missed out on what people believe to be the “prime time” of your life?

“I don’t ever feel like we missed out on anything. We did things later in life that a lot of people did earlier in life. Like, traveling. A lot of people travel before they get married. My husband and I were empty nesters early in life. So when our daughter went to school we traveled. We sorta reversed some of the things that people did earlier in life.”


Tell me what it is like being a grandmother.

“It is absolutely the most emotional experience in your life when you walk in and see your daughter, who you love and think is absolutely precious, holding her own little baby. I tell everybody, being a grandparent is the best thing in life.”

What was your parents reaction to the pregnancy?

My parents were wonderful, and my husband’s parents were even better. One thing that really made our marriage successful was that both sets of parents were very supportive.

“My husbands dad immediately said, “I love you and I know you will take care of Joe.” (husband) He was a little wild back then!”


Do you have any advice you would like to share to other mothers in the world?

“My advice to young parents now would be, enjoy every single minute of it. It goes by so fast. Enjoy the nightly routine of putting them to bed, or even having their bath. Just relax and enjoy them growing up. Stop being so concerned about always doing the right thing, just relax.”


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