Happy Teenage Children

Hello people who follow my blog! For this weeks blog post, I chose to interview my best friends mom. She is currently 56 years old and has two beautiful daughters. (16 years old and 25 years old)  I asked her what the biggest joy was when raising two daughters. Continue reading if you are interested in hearing a mother recalling her daughters going through their teenage years. Her response is posted down below.


“One of the joys of being a mom is seeing your teenage children happy and successful at what they are involved in . Anything from school work to extra activities . Seeing that your child has a passion about anything and is pursuing  that passion makes me very proud. I feel that I that gave my teen the tools to be able to do what they love and they will feel good about themselves, which during the teenage years is very important that they can achieve successes and feel the joy that comes with that and gain self confidence.”



After reading her response I felt compelled to share a bit of my own insight on this topic from the perspective of a fourteen year old girl. It is interesting to see how similar, yet different everything mothers experience is. A common thread that I noticed was every single mother I interviewed really emphasized how much they enjoyed watching their child developing passions and creating their own destiny. I am starting to realize that I used to think I had to live up to a standard my mom had made for me, but now I know I was the one setting unreachable expectations for myself. Not her. Hearing how truly proud every single mother is of their child makes me appreciate the support I have from my own mother. Though at times it may seem as though your parents are disappointed or frustrated, it is important to always remember that no matter what, they will be there for eternal love and support.



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