Motherhood: Full Time Job

Motherhood. Arguably, the most rewarding, tiring, and amazing job in the world. Though calling it a job is an understatement , when you think about the logistics of being a mother there are a lot of similarities. I cannot think of a more under appreciated, thankless job.  Lengthy hours, no lunch breaks, no pay, and certainly no days off. From day one mothers are providing the needs necessary for life, and I realize now that they really never stop. Though they may not be physically feeding you, they are always there for constant support and love. (something that I find very vital)

After interviewing several mothers, I found  they will all say being a mother is one of the most fulfilling, gratifying experiences ever. The pride a mother feels is outer worldly. I believe it begins before the child is even in her hands. It begins the very moment she finds out she is pregnant. (ever heard of the pregnancy glow)  Carrying a child for months changes mother’s outlook on life and shifts their priorities majorly. They become selfless, almost as if they only person that matters in the world is their baby.


Now take a moment and attempt to think of a society without mothers. It is easy to say it would be considerably smaller, uncongenious,  and possibly even more cold hearted. Our mothers teach us how to be sympathetic and care for those around us. Essentially, our mothers teach us how to nurture ourselves as well as others and how to really, truly, love. Through her enlightment we are able to feel for others and be empathetic. Mothers have this unique, almost primitive ability/urge to make everything feel alright. Having a bad day at school? No doubt your mom will be eager to make you feel better, or at least be there to listen. Or even as a child, after getting hurt you would always run to your mother for a band aid and a kiss on your boo boo to make everything alright.


They do all of this without question and most of the time without much praise. So the next time your with your mom take a moment and thank them for everything they have done and continue to do every single day.


2 thoughts on “Motherhood: Full Time Job

  1. Beautiful! I was wondering if you’d be interested in letting me some of your words in a book I’m working on which is a tribute to mothers. And/or if you’d be interested in writing a post or answering a series of mother-related questions that may appear in the book? Your name, age, and location would be included or you can be anonymous. No worries at all if you’re not interested, just thought I’d check. Feel free to email me: Thanks, JD.


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