Follow Your Heart

imageWelcome to this weeks post! This week I interviewed my good friends mother. I asked the same questions in this post, as I did in the last one, to closely compare the responses. They are both very interesting an unique. If you are interested in hearing about what this weeks mother has to say, continue reading!
What made your experience of being a mother different than someone else?
“My journey has a mother is different in many ways than others as I have had the priviledge of having 4 children with a wide range in their ages.  When my last child was born my oldest was 20.  I had a newborn, a three year old, a high schooler and one in college!  While most people were preparing for an empty nest, I was replenishing mine!  It has been a wonderful journey and I am so blessed that all four of them were close and got along to from day one.  I would say that one benefit from having the younger two children is that it keeps you young.  I look at other women my age whose children are grown and have moved on in their lives, and I can’t help but realize what a different place I am in.  Through the older children I lived the culture of the 80’s, 90,s and early 21st century.  With the younger children I am right smack dab in the middle of the Justin Bieber age – and enjoying every minute of it!”
What advice would you give to future mothers or young girls?
“Follow your heart for what you have a passion for doing and do it!  Know what you want to do and make it happen.  My one regret is not doing that.  I always wanted to be a teacher growing up but at the time I was entering college, there were too many people in the field and no job.  I was discouraged from doing what I wanted to do, and have always regretted that.  I never found another niche that has fulfilled me career-wise as I believe that would have.  Do what will make you happy, regardless of what people tell you or if it is not the most lucrative career. “
How has your mother influenced your own experience of having a child?
“I learned from my mother to not be judgmental, to let my children follow their dreams, to try to put a positive spin on things and not focus on the negative.  To lead by example and not be a hypocrite.  Also, to clean your room, make your bed and don’t leave wet towels on the bedroom floor.  Ha! I had to add a little something to make you smile.”
imageWhat are some hardships you had to over come
“I actually feel very blessed in that I cannot really think of any hardships.  Knock on wood.  I have healthy, happy children, have a wonderful supportive family around me and am thankful for my health and the love of my kids and husband.  Sappy, but I really mean it.”
What are the joys and rewards that come with being a mother in your opinion?
“Gosh – so many joys and rewards.  My first child graduating magna cum laude from college, getting married, giving my a grandson and just being a wonderful person.  My second child struggling all through school with a learning disability and graduating from college with honors.  So proud there.  Watching my younger kids excel in school and their individual passions and also seeing them become really good people that other people gravitate too and want to be around, both adults and their peers.  Every step of all of their lives is a moment I am proud of and they have never once disappointed me.  I always say I am so lucky but actually, I do take  secret credit for some of it.  I must have done something right, right?”

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