100 Year Old Great Grandma

Growing old. Something each and every one of us simply cannot avoid, starting the second we are born. 10 year olds eagerly awaiting the year in which they become a teen, or the 49 year old who struggles to comprehend the mere idea of becoming fifty years old. Depending on your perspective, aging can be fascinating and glamorous or utterly frightening. When I think about growing older, I never imagine my friends or loved ones growing along with me. Almost as if I was under this illusion that my parents, grandparents, friends etc. would remain the same role in my whole entire life. For example, I used to always think my parents would be the ones taking care of me, when in reality a few decades from now, it will be my turn to tend to my parents. The natural cycle of aging reverses after a certain age, in that the elderly are being taken care of by those younger than them. Even writing this blog post about growing older terrifies me, but what scares me even more is the harsh reality of my family getting older as well.


OK enough of my weird and eerie rant! Moving right along to my great grandma!


This woman (my great grandma)  has been living on this earth 100 years. She has been actively taking part in life for a full century. Statistically speaking, her heart has beat approximately 4,000,000,000 times! She has lived through the time in which the Holocaust took place, the Great Depression, and she even witnessed the first man in space, All of which I study about via history textbook.
At the moment, my grandma visits my great grandma at her living facility every single day. Due to her age, my great grandma shows symptoms of dementia, some days worse than others. She has defied all odds and continues to take her life day by day, along with the rest of us.


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