Aurora Bruce Leach

Hi blog people! I decided to switch it up a bit this week. I interviewed my grandpa about his mom. She passed a few years ago, but my grandpa can still remember vivid memories of spending time with her. Continue reading if you wanna hear a bit about her life! Hope you enjoy!


What did you admire most about your mother?

“My mother was very creative and always supported my creative interests. She was a loving mother and a terrific listener and story teller. Her adventurous spirit was spotlighted when she would talk about how she grew up in Vermont and ended up teaching in Wyoming. Getting off a bus with one suitcase in a little town miles from anywhere or anyone familiar to her. Courageous.”


What were your moms talents/work/hobbies?

“Aurora was an artist and educator. She taught art in school and was an elementary school teacher. Preferring not to sell her art, giving her drawings and paintings to friends and family gave her pleasure. Later in life she donated her time to Phoenix Art Museum as a docent giving tours and talking with visitors. She had a special fondness for the work of Georgia O’Keeffe.”


.Give a little background of your mom…From growing up to personality traits.

“Aurora was born in Vermont to Sybil Bruce and a young man from Spain named Pedro Alfonzo Alonzo e Gomez. They separated when my mother was young and my grandmother married William Leach. This is the man my mother called her father. As a child in Vermont, she acquired an accent that she never lost. Someone with a New England accent was common in her home state but when she started her career as a teacher in Wyoming the students found it different, she sounded to them like a foreigner. I loved it, I thought it made her sound refined.
My mother was not pretentious but had strong concerns for the welfare of others. I know that if she were alive today she would “Feel the Bern” and be a big Bernie Sanders fan.”



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