Interview with Dad

For this weeks blog post I chose to interview my very own dad. I asked him what he admired most about his mom and this is what he had to say! (def worth reading)

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What do I admire most?

Friendships: not many people have deep friendships that have spanned a lifetime.  My mom has a lot of those.  Friends that were around through all of it – early years of life before marriage, getting married, child bearing, life after kids have moved out, and then the phases where spouses are lost to death – all those stages that people go through and all the things (good and bad) that are involved through that.  My mom has deep friendships that have endured through all of that.  That’s rare – and it takes a special person to sustain those relationships.  She’s very unique in that way.
She’s a rebel: many of her friends are very conservative in their views.  While she allows them to have their opinions, she develops her own which are very often in opposition to many people around her.  She has her own opinions, and isn’t afraid to develop and explore those.
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Grit: I remember when I decided to take over what was an extra room in our house and turn it into my bedroom so I could have my own room.  She wanted it to be nice for me, so she took it upon herself to make it awesome.  That involved buying a LOT of wood paneling, a lot of glue, and days upon days of working on getting that all applied.  I think she broke out in hives because of so much exposure to the glue.  It ended up awesome and I loved my room.  That took grit.
Courage: when I was growing up and entering my young adult life she gave me a poem about parenthood.  The idea was that parenting was like flying a kite, and your job was to get it up in the air and solidly flying, but then you had to let it go.  I know that letting go process was not easy (especially since I’m about to go through that!) but she did it gracefully.  That takes courage.  I see my mom as a very courageous woman.
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Sandwiches: my mom is an AMAZING cook – she isn’t a “follow the recipe” kind of person – she just knows how to make things come together to create awesome tastes.  Yet, for all the great dinners she has made over the years, what I find myself often craving is one of her sandwiches.  I have no way of describing what it is that makes them so good…it’s just not possible to put into words – it’s something about how she toasts the bread, or how she makes the bacon for her BLT’s, or how she chooses which pickles and mustard would be best for this particular sandwich, or even how she slices the tomatoes or how she sprinkles the salt and pepper on it…like I said – it’s just not possible to adequately put it into words, but those sandwiches are special.  Sitting with my mom in the kitchen, eating one of her sandwiches, talking about life – it doesn’t get any better than that.

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